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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bumps bumps bumps ... no one said the road was paved.

Well, Here I am at almost 4 weeks in. My inflammation and energy levels have been amazing. I was able to cut out the occasional pain relievers like Tylenol.
All of this has been very encouraging for me to keep going.
I noticed that there were some foods that my body absolutely was more than happy to be rid of, and did not want back. I have learned so much about my body.
Now, for the bumps in the road. I have some pretty severe Kidney, Liver and Pancreas issues. Damage that can never be undone. My Gallbladder already died, we had a short memorial and danced on his grave. 
My other organs missed it a bit, and a few tried to commit suicide from the grief, taking the host with them.
Well, digestively, this has been a problem the entire time I have been on this diet. My body is not tolerant of the fat in meats, and raw veggies and fruits. Pretty big staples of this lifestyle. 
I have been tolerating the unwanted side effects of my liver and Pancreas for the past 4 weeks. This last week, it has reached a new level of discomfort. My symptoms have spiked and made me very very ill.
I have noticed that many of the Paleo bloggers and sharers on the Forums are much like myself in personality. Taking it personal if they 'fail', then realizing it is a journey and picking back up and fitting the lifestyle to their needs.
That is where I am now. I am not giving up. I am not turning back. I am going to do what it takes to stay out of the hospital and get myself on the path to wellness asap. If that means introducing a little grain, I will. I have already made adjustments, based on lots of the Paleo Worlds experiences and suggestions. But the truth is, I need to lean on my own experience. I will be limiting my meat even more for a little while, and I am leaning toward leaner meats in the future. Not exactly the Paleo base, but Paleo opened the door for me. It taught me how to listen to my body in a whole new way. Now, I need to  use what I learned to keep changing my life.

I must say that my family is still benefiting from the paleo lifestyle, and I will continue to cook in this manner for them. More recipes to come!

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