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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week one Accomplished!

Well, I made it through week One without any hiccups.
I have never had any withdrawal symptoms. My body adjusted the first day, and was VERY happy about the changes.
Last night, to celebrate my first week... and my renewed energy, my Husband brought home some "low carb" burgers from Mooyah Burger.
Now, he is following the Paleo Diet but a little more loosely than I am.
I am trying to stick to the Autoimmune guidelines.
I am telling you, my body adjusted QUICK.
He brings home these tasty burgers, and it had cheese, tomatoes, mayo and ketchup.... all of which I am not eating.
It was wrapped nicely in loads of lettuce leafs. I tried to scrape them off, and I only had one bite of tomato. It actually gave me a bit of a stomach ache.
My body reacts very quickly to things it doesn't want. I have been known to vomit uncontrollably after a meal that I enjoyed eating, but my body hated.
I had heartburn all night. I guess tomatoes are not my friend.
I knew that already though. hahahah. It is not my first love hate relationship with them.
I guess it is time to give them up. :p

More Recipes to come this week:

Asian Turkey balls with CauliFried 'Rice'
Mexican Chicken with CilantroChurri Sauce and MexiCauli 'Rice'
Broccoli Salad
Spinach & Bacon Quiche
and a few more if I have time.

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