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Monday, March 19, 2012


Here I am, Still trying to figure it all out.
My gallbladder has been gone for a long time, but apparently is a common thing to have problems when it is gone and you try to do a higher fat diet (such as the Paleo).
I was eating very little meat before, so this has been rough on my digestion.
I tried a lot of the Paleo suggestions, but my Pancreas and Liver are inflamed... Likely more to do with my disease and lack of organs and arteries in my intestinal/digestive areas! boo.
My doctor said he wanted me to come in, but of course I am trying to work it our first.
I am taking probiotics/dietary enzymes twice a day, and those are doing me very little good. Once they where off, I am back to square one.
So, I tried the grain thing, and it did tend to settle my stomach down. But, it killed my energy. And it didn't 'cure' me. Sooooooooo what is the point in that.
I am back to going all Paleo with more carbs than before... but only from veggies/fruits :)

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