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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Everybody has one!

A vice, a hang up, something that you just do not want to give up. Soda. Alcohol. Cheese. Pasta. Sugar!
You name it, it is hard to give up. 
Sometimes you may even have withdrawal!
Well, my problem... is not really any of those things. I will probably miss breads, pasta and those yummy things.
But my real problem is WATER.
I have a significant amount of damage to my throat and stomach. This has made it very difficult to drink water. I generally throw up from water, and my own saliva. Anything tasteless. I can drink it fine, swallow it down. But it burns, and it comes back up shortly!
I take a pill for this... but what do I swallow the pill with? ha.
I do not drink Caffeine. No coffee, No tea. A rare root beer, when eating out, but I never finish it.
I mostly drink Gatorade or lemonade. I have to switch these up every few months or they make me sick as well.
It seems mad crazy right? But totally true. I can not take any liquid medication either. It goes down happily, but comes up angry.
So there is mine, Every body has one. 
I am going to conquer mine. What are you doing with yours?

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