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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The First Day is Over!

Well, the first day was not a real big deal. But something BIG did happen.
I was not hungry for most of the day. Which is fine, I always listen to my body.
I ate some carrots, and a simple salad with turkey and bacon for some protein. I did a decent job on drinking water. I drank it slowly and sipped. It only made me sick if I had too much at once or only water in  my stomach. I did have to take my pills with juice still. They just will not go down. 
I tried to eat a Sweet Potato Fry, just one, and it made my stomach hurt. 
So I was happy, I had a lot of energy. I would call it successful.
The BIG thing. My neck.
My carotid artery, has been a real issue for me recently.

Sooo, strangely enough... on the very first day of the Paleo, My neck was killing me in the morning as usual. I took my Daughter to her Song & Dance at the Library and we checked out books, it was throbbing.
But, by mid afternoon................ no pain!!!!!!!!!!! And I went to sleep with no pain. It was still tender.
But, it had really been horrible. keeping me up at night, waking me up at night. horrible. 
The relief was welcome. I do not know what to attribute it to. But it motivated me to keep going today. 
I am still achy, so we will see if there is more improvement or if returns.
Not gonna lie, I cried this morning. 

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